Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Florida Trip

I am testing this out on my husband's new laptop just to see if I can do everything and put up pics before I take it with me to Ireland.  This is the summer of me!  I decided that I would take the time to visit friends this summer.  (It was my new year's resolution.)

Anyway, we just got back from Florida where we had a great time!   My dear friend and her husband live there and I hadn't seen them in about 4 years.  We went to the pool, the beach, ate junk food, played games on their Wii, watched movies, and got up to general mayhem.  It's so worth the effort to go visit your  friends!  You won't remember your tiredness, effort, or expense but you'll have awesome memories that will last a lifetime.  Do it! 



  1. So do I hear this right....This is your husband's laptop...and you are using it and bringing it to Ireland...Good job!

  2. hope you will blog from Ireland. Have never been there. Have been to London, but didn't get to the rest of the UK. Have a wonderful time and remember your blog followers will be hungry for details.

  3. I plan to! Hope it lives up to the expectation. :-)