Saturday, January 23, 2010

The list, No. 1 = Learning to Cook

     So what did I mean by that whole "over the moon" thing?  Well, I'm not about to do anything rash like quit my job and move somewhere exotic.  I guess I'm looking to do more of a "hop in the moon's general direction".  I used to have a list of things I would do before I was 30.  (ahem)  30 has come and gone so instead of turning it into a list of things to do by the time I'm 40, here's what I'm thinking:  Do as many things as I can this year, the year of the Tiger.
     According to the Chinese Zodiac (as I understand it), the year takes on the characteristics of whatever animal is associated with it.  The Tiger is said to be brave, courageous, and a fiery fighter.  Tigers are also protectors and natural leaders.  It goes up against authority and speaks out about wrongs in society, and willingly puts up objections.  It's time for us to embrace our tigerness this  year.

 So, back to my list....
      There are so many things I've been wanting to do that I've put on the back burner.  It's time to finally get to it!  One thing I've been doing lately, is finally learning how to cook.  For real!  So far, what I've been calling "cooking" is really just assembling ready-made ingredients. I always wanted to take a cooking class, but who has time?  I was absolutely taken with the movie Julie and Julia when I recently saw it on a plane trip.  Who knew that Julia Child's cookbook was really more like a textbook on cooking than just another cookbook?  So, I  bought Mastering the Art of French  Cooking.  My plan is to do one recipe from each category.  For instance, I did the famous Beef Bourguignon which is a stew.  Okay, stew = done.  Next, I roasted my first chicken ever.  (No, I never had roasted a chicken before.  I don't even know how to cook simple things like that!)  My goal is to learn the basics.  I will not be like Julie and do every recipe.  (Especially not the aspics!)  And I absolutely draw the line at organ meats!  Ick!


  1. cooking is a wonderful hobby! I approve.

  2. I really enjoyed the movie as well and found it inspiring to have a productive year too. I enjoyed reading your blog so far - can't wait to see what comes next! Keep on blogging and cooking!

  3. Thanks to both of you! It's nice to have some fellow "foodies" cheering me on. Today, I'm going to attempt a spinach turnover, making my own crust. No, I have never used any crust other than pre-packaged ones so it should be interesting. Will keep you posted. I'm curious to know what you two are up to as well!