Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Rules of Classy-ness

Through reading other people's blog posts, I came across some rules on how to achieve a timeless, classy look.  "Chic", if you will.  Here they are:

1.  The 2 color rule - I'm still not 100% sure what this is, but French women follow this rule when dressing.  Sure, no more than 2 colors, but does this include neutrals and toenail polish?  If anyone knows about his rule, please enlighten me! 

2.  Either wear a necklace OR earrings.  Not both.

3.  Either make-up your eyes OR your lips.  Not both.

Audrey Hepburn followed these rules and, as we all know, she was the epitome of class.  People still try to emulate her simple grace.

Recently, I went to a reunion of sorts and I used these rules.  Here I am, trying to look classy:

I think I followed the 2 color rule by wearing only blue and black, but I did have pink nail polish.  Also, there is more than one shade of blue in the necklace.  Maybe I didn't follow this rule after all!  Can someone PLEASE explain this rule?

I chose to wear a necklace and no earrings.

I chose to make up my lips by wearing red lipstick (something I never do), and no eye make-up. 

What do you think?  Any other ideas on how to be classy out there?


  1. You look tres chic Lyn. This is a lovely photo of you. I have been mulling this over and researching too (looking classy) and will post on it soon. I still haven't found more about the two-colours rule, le sigh. I love your rules, even though I always wear earrings, and if I wear a necklace too I find it really hard to not wear earrings! They are only tiny studs but still.

  2. I agree. I have so many matching earring/necklace sets that it's hard not to wear them. Also, it's hard to give up the eye makeup!
    I'm still a novice in this area and am on the look-out for more rules. I look forward to your post. :-)

  3. I think this is a great look for you! As far as make-up, I think you can still have some really subtle eye make-up and where the bold color lipstick. I don't really look good with lipstick so I usually just wear gloss and play with the eye make-up.
    As far as the jewelery I think both earrings and a necklace are OK as long as there is a balance, studs with a bolder necklace or both are small or medium size. Plus different kinds of styles look good with different types of jewelery.
    About the 2 colors, I think that should include their respective shades, otherwise it's a little too strict.
    Anyway, you look awesome!

  4. Thanks, Stefka! Good points too.

  5. you look lovely! The red lipstick becomes you. however...I never go anywhere without at least mascara. My eyelashes are now gray!

  6. I'd heard that two matching jewelry pieces are okay but not three. It's hard for me because I have a few earring/necklace sets that have a ring that coordinates.

    For the make-up, maybe the rules apply to make-up for an evening out? I do wear full make-up to work but it's all very subtle. I'm lazy and usually skip lipstick (it's all gone after my first cup of coffee anyway) but I don't think it would look un-classy if I wore some. But then the eyes are not dramatically done and the lipstick, if I wore it, would be a neutral and really barely noticeable.

  7. True. Maybe the rule means for you not to accentuate both eyes and lips. ...but to wear subtle makeup on both is okay. (I'm with you--I very rarely wear lipstick. Especially when I play my instrument!)