Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beating the Sunday Blahs

Most people feel like Monday morning begins on Sunday afternoon.  (I know I did!)  Lately, I have been making an effort to turn Sunday afternoons in to a positive time that I look forward to.  Here's my new Sunday routine:
  • Get up around 8 or so
  • have my 1 cup of coffee that I allow myself per week
  • have a nice breakfast of eggs and veggie browns
  • read a good book for an hour or so (I'm currently reading "The Girl that Kicked the Hornets' nest".)
  • around 10, I start cleaning.  I always do the kitchen and bathroom (they are the dirtiest rooms in the house), then I do the floors, laundry, and whatever else I have time for before noon.
  • 12 - go out to eat with my family (hubby, mom, dad, brother)
  • go grocery shopping (the best time to go is when you're full!) - also:  don't forget the flowers!
  • other housework (Today, I swept off the roof.)
  • treat myself to TV, blogging, or facebooking
  • make soup for the week's lunches (Last week was chicken soup.  Today, I'm making lentil soup.)
  • make "special treat" supper.  It's hard to come up with good treats when you can't eat wheat, dairy, or sugar but I've come up with Italian antipasta as something I look forward to.  It makes Sunday evening feel special. ..AND - there's nothing like a clean house and a closet full of clean clothes to make you feel good and ready for the week! 
  • hot bath
  • read silly book &/or magazines (Silly chick lit.  Nothing heavy.)
  • bed at a decent hour
So far, this routine helps me look forward to Sunday afternoons, and helps me to feel good about the upcoming week.  Also, I used to spend Saturdays feeling guilty about not doing the shopping and cleaning.  Now that I know it'll get done Sunday, I can enjoy my Saturdays guilt free!  

 My antipasta plate:  (from bottom, clockwise) - palm hearts, turkey slices, roasted tomato and garlic, artichoke hearts, pepperoni slices, mixed olives, pickled pearl onions, prosciutto and figs.  In the middle - marinated mushrooms and roasted red peppers.  Topped with blanched asparagus (drop in boiling water for a minute.  Works best with skinny asparagus.)  I drizzle a vinaigrette on top, made from olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and fresh basil.  Yum!

I almost forgot this week's flowers that I chose as my treat this week:
Irises and Tully Pods.


  1. Your photography looks as if it came from a magazine!! The food looks delicious!! I had no idea there was Tully Pod. Never heard of them! : )

  2. I am in love with your Sunday Lyn! It sounds wonderfully relaxing AND productive. I love reading others timetables - yours is very inspiring.

    We have a Sunday evening dinner which is a bit of a treat too - not junky food but good, real food that isn't a 'normal' meal. Your antipasti plate fits that bill perfectly.

    I might have to borrow it one Sunday night. My husband would be beside himself with happiness,he loves food like this. With a Sunday dinner we have sometimes had a carpet picnic - pushed the coffee table to one side, laid down a rug and eaten on the floor.

    Great post!

  3. Thanks Christi! I have to say, the photos are more due to my idiot-proof camera than to any skill on my part. :-) I also have never heard of Tully pods but when I saw them at the store I had to get them.

    Thanks to you too, Fiona! I love your carpet picnic idea! I'm already looking forward to trying it next Sunday. (BTW - you should totally do the antipasti thing especially if you husband likes it that much. The cool thing is - no cooking required! Just assembling, mainly.)

  4. Love the tully pods. So appropo. :)