Saturday, March 6, 2010

An Amatuer Blogger's Blogpost about Blogging

Why do I like blogging so much?  I don't really know.  Less than 2 months ago, I started my first blog.  Before that, I had no idea this whole blogosphere existed.  I mean, I'd heard of blogs but I didn't really have anything to do with them other than reading a few friends' posts on their blogs.

Now, I'm a total addict!  Not only do I love maintaining my own blog, I love reading everybody else's!  It must be filling a need people have to share their experience with others.  We used to have more time to sit around and chat, I guess.  (I feel like I used to anyway.)  But now, we've gotten so busy we don't really have a chance to swap ideas and get each other's opinions on stuff.  Maybe also, we don't listen to each other in the real world.  In the blogosphere you feel like someone is going to read your take on things.  Oh well, I could speculate all day.  I have no idea why blogging makes me so happy but it does.

"Musings" is kind of my practice blog.  I try to add new things and make changes as I make my way through books like "Problogger" and "Blogging for Dummies".  (I also follow the Problogger blog for helpful tips.)  I've learned things like "content is king!" and "design is queen!".  I recently bought a domain for this blog (, but haven't pointed my blogger address to it yet.  I'm kind of afraid people may not be able to find it easily any more.  Oh well, I suppose I should try it and see what happens.  Also, I learned that when you register a domain name, you must include the "www" if you want it.  I thought I was buying "", but if you type that, it says it doesn't exist.  I thought it would add it automatically.  Silly me!  Rookie mistake, I suppose.  (That's why I have a practice blog!)  Luckily, it only costs about $10 per year to buy a domain.  I see it as a $10 lesson in how not to do it.

As far as design, I haven't really done anything about it.  Apparently, a bad design (or no design) can put off potential readers.  I found a helpful post on the subject.  (Click here to see it.)  When I'm ready to deal with design, I'll take her advice.  (BTW - I think her design is super cute!)

I recently added Sitemeter to my blog and I LOVE it!  There is a free version that I am using and I find it works great.  It's really fun to see where people who view your blogs are.  I've had hits from people in Germany, France, England, South Africa, India, and New Zealand.  I can't tell you how happy this makes me!

I'm still trying new things.  I just found out about the following:
  •  - apparently, this site allows you to see what questions your readers are asking search engines in order to get to your site.  It also lets you see how people arrive at your site.  The only thing is it's not free.  (Booo.)  But there is a free trial so you can see how it works.  I might try it out.  I'll let you know what I think of it.
  • & - Both of these site are "social bookmarking sites".   They say that sites like these can send lots of visitors to your blog based on the titles of your posts.  (Again, I've not tried it yet myself, but I'll keep you posted.) 

Has anybody out there tried these already and do you have any other advice for a rookie blogger?


  1. You are doing all the things I have been doing since I started! Problogger is an excellent resource. I also can't figure out why I love blogging so much, I just do!!!! I had not heard of - fantastic tip. See it is about the sharing!

  2. Your blog is lovely!
    Check out my blog here :)