Monday, March 8, 2010

Living (and eating) Well, a la Audrey

"I'm not a huge snacker, but I eat awfully well at meals and all the things I like.  ...I much prefer an extremely simple meal that's exquisitely done."  - Audrey Hepburn

I'm currently reading the book "What Would Audrey Do?".  The more I read about Audrey Hepburn, the more I like her.  She was a beautiful, classy, yet down-to-earth lady.  

                                    Food and diet: 
Audrey had a perfect figure, but never dieted.  Her philosophy was to eat simple, perfectly prepared food and apparently she had a big appetite.  Audrey adored things like chocolate souffle, roast duck, steak, and perfectly ripe raspberries which she ate with gusto!  Her secret to staying slim was to eat only the highest quality, organic food and to stop eating immediately as soon as she was full.  ("...a little hatch closes and I stop.")  Also, she never snacked.

Julia Child had a similar approach.  She said that you can eat all the delicious, buttery French dishes and not get fat by following these rules:  eat small portions, no seconds, and no snacking.  Neither Julia nor Audrey ever ate diet food.  Julia was known to say, "the only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook".  (Don't you just love her?)  I also LOVE that she said, "I think shopping for food is more fun than shopping for a dress".  Me too, Julia!  I find that nothing gives my self-esteem as serious a smack-down as when I'm shopping for clothes.  Food, however, always fits and makes me feel happy!    

 Hanging around the house:
According to this book, Audrey loved being home.  She did not slob around in her sweatpants and t-shirts, however.  Audrey loved to wear black leggings, a long-sleeved black shirt, and ballet slippers when she was relaxing at her house. 

Along the same lines, I came across this post about what to wear when lounging at home.  It's nice to have some classy yet comfortable things to wear when you get home from work.  I am a usually a total sweatpants-wearing, snack snarfing, slob-on-the-couch kind of girl then I get home.  However, this post made me feel like I needed something more chic.  I went and bought some "lounge-wear" at Steinmart over the weekend.  (Some flowy, soft, shirts and some pretty yoga pants and things.)  It's really just as easy as throwing on the sweats.  Now I feel much more stylish and I'm not embarrassed when unexpected company (or the UPS man) comes around! 


  1. My mom is 87 years old. Every day of her adult life she has gotten up, showered, dressed and put on her makeup. She lives in a retirement community now and they rules state that no one is allowed in the public spaces in "pajamas". She wears her diamond earrings and her pretty necklaces daily. I have tried to follow suit. Sometimes, I sleep late and do a few chores before getting dressed, but I never let a day go by without the makeup. I do not always wear my diamonds. I think that's overkill for a day at home, but it works for her.

  2. Wow! We could learn a thing or two from the previous generation. I like the idea of dressing well even if it's just for yourself. (Not that I do it much!)
    Your mom sounds like a really classy lady!

  3. Thanks for your quotes from this book Lyn. I am ashamed to say I have it and have not read it properly yet. I will be opening it this evening! I really wish I had a 'hatch' like Audrey. And her home clothes sound divine. Dot, your mother is very inspirational!

  4. Thanks for reading, Fiona! I think you'll like the book. I read it in bits for about 15 minutes or so when I'm drinking my morning tea. (I'm about 3/4 through.) Lately, it has been setting the mood nicely for my whole day! :-)

  5. if only we could all be as fabulous as audrey... sigh...

  6. I know, right? She's pretty darned fabulous!

    I just learned another cool tip from Audrey. When doing make-up, you should emphasize your eyes OR your lips. Not both! (I have never heard this before.)

  7. Lyn, I forgot to say how nice your new loungewear sounds. I often downgrade a t-shirt or long sleeved t-shirt to loungewear when it's not quite good enough for going out (or I've decided the colour isn't the best with jeans as in a fuschia pink top I have) but is still in good shape, no stains or tears etc. Now I want to go shopping for new loungewear!

    I have been reading my Audrey book the last few evenings thanks to you. 'Audrey at home' and I think a chapter on her personal style. I love books that you can dip into for inspiration!

  8. Ha! That's so funny because your post was the whole reason why I went to buy loungewear in the first place!