Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Oscar "Party"

I love the Oscars (and movies!) and this year, I decided to have an Oscar party.  (Okay, so there will only be 4 people there, but it's still a party, darnit!)  I think the fact that it's on a Sunday night put people off.  Most of my friends have to get up crazy early on Monday mornings.  I suppose people who work in the movie industry don't actually live in the real world and don't have to get up early on Monday mornings.  (I say this jealously.)  C'mon Oscar people!  Can't we have the Oscars on Saturday night for people who work in the real world?  Oh well, I'll just be tired on Monday.  I'll live.

The party supply shop near my house had a very limited selection of Oscar party stuff, but I was still able to get some cute things.  Check out the spirally hangy things look like movie film:

Also, I got some star coasters:                      .....and an adorable clapboard.  (I don't know  
what we're supposed to do with this but I had to have it anyway!)

We have some print-outs of the 2010 Oscar Pool sheet which we'll fill out before the show.  We decided to all put in a fiver and whoever gets the most right answers will get the loot, plus this little "Star Award":

There will be plenty of food there.  (Click here to see more about it.)  You're supposed to have a movie-themed dish at an Oscar party.  I couldn't really think of anything (I did not want to have blue food coloring in everything for Avatar!) so I got these Bacon Caramel Toffees.   ...because everything in the movies relates to Bacon!  (Kevin Bacon, that is.)  Okay, so they're not dairy and sugar free.  They are however, gluten-free and I'm only going to have one, just to see what it tastes like.  It should be interesting.  (I love that it says "Crunchy, smoky, sweet love" on the package.)

Is anyone else as excited about movies and the Oscars as I am?



  1. Oh how I wish they would put the Oscar's on Saturday night as well! I love the Oscars but it is difficult to stay up late! Those bacon (!) caramels look like something I need to try!

  2. Hey! Thanks for reading! I've heard about chocolate and bacon being a good combo, but have not tried it myself. Will keep you posted!

  3. a few years ago I had a business trip to Los Angeles on Oscar weekend. John bought me an Oscar that said "world's best Wife" This week is also our anniversary, so it was fitting! Have fun watching. We are having spinach queso and pot roast with vegetables and Kleinpeter Ice cream and Girl Scout cookies for dessert. Also copious amounts of cocktails. Where did you find those bacon toffees? They sound divine.

  4. Looks like lots of fun!! I remember coming to your place for a night of Oscar. We watched some of the movies that were nominated. So much fun!!
    Those Bacon Toffees look yummy! Have a great night! Love the decor! : )

  5. How's the bacon-chocolate stuff?

  6. love the wall color! We picked a similar color for our living room in our condo in Ann Arbor - it was called sorbet. We then used a darker color (burnt orange) on an accent wall.

    The movie reel decorations are most cool.

  7. Thanks for commenting, everybody! I wish you all could have been there!

    The bacon caramel toffees were interesting. It was just like eating regular toffee, but with a slight smoky taste. They were okay, but I think they're one of those things that make you go "hmmm" and then you don't really eat it again. (Kinda like Tabasco ice-cream.) Maybe the dark chocolate covered bacon I've heard of would be better. I've heard people say it's good.

    Dot - congrats on your "award"! That sounds perfect! I got the bacon toffees at Whole Foods.

  8. I love the movies and the Oscars. I stayed up until the end. I did doze a little in between. We had a great appetizer and I wrote the recipe on my blog today. It's a Healthier Spinach Queso.

  9. I'll have to check that out!