Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Old (but fun) Stories: Thanksgiving with Cranky 'ol Grandma

Here is a story from Thanksgiving this past year:
Okay, so I have this 90-year-old Grandma who is so cranky and rude that it's actually entertaining. Her behavior at Thanksgiving yesterday inspired me to add some crazy Grandma stories to my repertoire. Cathartic for me, and entertaining for you. Enjoy!

1.  My grandma was using her shiny, red walker to inch across the living room to her chair. In the middle of the floor, my cousin's 4-year-old daughter was playing. (oblivious to said Grandma.) Inch, inch, inch. When she finally got up to where the child was playing, she stopped and yelled, "Well, get out of the way!!" Classic.

2.  After the big meal, we were trying to get desserts to the kids first. (You gotta give sweets to the kids first, and then the adults, right?) Well, Grandma was having none of that. She said loudly to my cousin's grandma, "I GUESS they'll get ours in a little while!" Okay. I can take a hint.

3.  When I gave Grandma her pie, I asked if she wanted coffee. "Not THAT stuff!", she replied.

4.  My poor British husband (well, half-British & half-Greek) always has to endure her questions about why the Brits don't have Thanksgiving. This year, she added "I guess you British aren't very thankful people".

5.  My brother reported to me that she was watching TV when a Levitra ad came on. "Well that's one problem I've never had", says Grandma. "..or maybe that is what I had right before my heart attack a few years ago. Maybe I should take that!" Who knows what she thinks Levitra is for! ;-)

Let's just say I'd rather spend time with Daisy than with my Grams. (Sad to say, but true.)

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