Sunday, February 28, 2010

Learning to Be Grateful

I ran into a colleague of mine yesterday at the movies.  I hadn't seen her in a long time because she has been having health problems lately, and has not been able to get out of the house much.  In addition to her health issues, she has terrible back pain and has to wear a back brace and take pain-killers all the time.  I was being empathetic and saying "oh you poor thing", when she put a stop to it.  "Actually, I'm grateful to have these problems.  They could be so much worse!  I could be bed ridden, in the hospital, or dead!"  What a great way to look at it!  She is so right.  It got me thinking that I should be more grateful about my child procurement issues.

It's easy to become self-pitying and plunge into a tunnel of "poor me".  I find myself doing this from time to time over the fact that I have been trying for 5 years to have a child (the UNfun way!) with no luck.  But if I think about it, there are WAY worse things to have happen.  People have to deal with being blind, deaf, in a wheel chair, having cancer, etc. all the time! 

Another colleague of mine had a stroke about a year ago.  She was only 37, was a vegetarian, and was one of the healthiest people I knew at the time.  She's doing well now, (better than expected) but she'll never be back to the way she was before the stroke.  She has two young children who she cannot take care of by herself.  Being able to have children, but then having a stroke and not being able to take care of them is worse than not being able to have your own, isn't it?  I mean, I can still adopt, right?

Recently, one of my brother's friends died unexpectedly.  He was in his late 20's and was found dead in his apartment one day.  (They think he had some sort of seizure.)  How pointless!  And what about that poor Georgian Luger?  I should thank my lucky stars and be grateful that I'm still here.  I should consider myself SO lucky to only be dealing with infertility.

Now, let's all go knock on wood!


  1. I am so proud of you! I takes most people years to come to the above conclusions...and unfortunately so many people never do. I always tell myself that things could be so much worse than they are. I have a great husband, a house (that is NOT on wheels), a car, food.....things are great!!!!

  2. Ha! Who said it didn't take years for me to come to this conclusion? ;-)
    You're right. No matter how bad things get, they can always get worse. I have to remind myself to be grateful for what I have!

  3. Count your blessings, one by one. Do it every day. Advice given to me long ago. It works.