Thursday, February 4, 2010

Crazy Greek Mother-in-Law

My Greek mother-in-law, Daisy, has some odd ideas.  She can be very entertaining so I thought I'd post some of my favorite stories about her.  Here are some of her crazy ideas about nutrition.

Health Advice:
According to her, you shouldn't eat watermelon because it is "pure sugar".  Also, the most fattening thing you can have on the planet is a potato.  However, cake isn't fattening because it is light and full of air. She refuses to throw away bread since she lived through the German occupation. Bread is like gold!  Even if it is moldy. She says that eating moldy bread is actually good for you because all mold is like Penicillin and will kill whatever germs are in your body. ! We have to sneak and throw the moldy bread away and buy more when she isn't looking.  They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Daisy lives dangerously.

The Butter Cookie Diet:
My husband and I were going to visit a friend of the family, and we were going to bring her a tsoureki.  Daisy said, "But she is too fat! Don't bring her a tsoureki! She shouldn't eat such things."  (Blatant honesty can be so entertaining.)  So, we thought, "okay--let's bring her some fruit".  But Daisy shot that down as well.  "Fruit is full of sugar!  Fat people should not eat too much of it."  So we asked her what we should bring then.  What do you think?  Danish butter-cookies!  Daisy says they're small so they can't have be too fattening.  So--eat up the Danish butter cookies and avoid bread and fruit! (I'm SO liking this diet!)

Daisy's nutritional tip of the day: chicken has no protein in it, beef does! - One day (while we were visiting), Daisy said she was cooking beef patties for us because "we had had no protein since we had gotten there".  When I replied that we had been eating chicken, she said, "but chicken doesn't have protein!  All of the protein goes into their eggs!"  So there you have it.  All the protein from chickens go into their eggs.  I guess you have to eat eggs to get chicken protein.  By this logic, I guess beef does have protein because cows don't lay eggs!  You gotta love the reasoning here.


  1. Isn't she a hoot? I wish the whole "cake isn't fattening because it's so light" thing were true!

  2. this is so true of my Mum. My sister have endured years of - "eat its not fattening" quotes. My Mum also lived through the occupation and holds similar stories about the bread. She used to keep a small bit back and make a new loaf from the old bread, as it still had yeast in it. Thanks for making me smile - happy memories x

  3. Thanks for reading! You're Mum sounds like a special lady. Does she also tell you you're fat while simultaneously trying to force-feed you? You just gotta laugh sometimes!