Friday, February 26, 2010

Old (but fun) Stories: Another Crazy Daisy Installment

This happened this past Chrismas when we were visiting my Mother-in-law in Greece:

Christmas Eve’s Eve: Daisy likes to leave lists of things for us to get for her.  Two days before Chrismas, we returned from buying groceries for her from a VERY busy store.  We were saying how glad we were to get it done with and that we were glad that we wouldn’t have to go on Christmas Eve because it would be even more crowded.  Daisy agreed with us and said, “Yes. I’ve always wondered why people wait until Christmas Eve to buy things. Why don’t they go earlier when it’s less crowded?” You can imagine our surprise (and annoyance) when we came down the next day (Christmas Eve), to find another grocery list!  Why had she not put these things on the list the day before? “Because I didn’t need them then, but I need them now!”  Could it wait until after Christmas?  No, it could not.  So, Daisy, why do people go out to buy things on Christmas Eve?  BECAUSE THEIR MOTHERS SEND THEM OUT WITH LISTS!

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