Friday, February 19, 2010

Oscar Party

The other day, a colleague of mine was talking about an Oscar party that his friends throw every year.  They put out a red carpet leading up to the house so that the guests can walk down it when they arrive.  Someone takes pictures of all the guests in order to provide a "paparazzi experience".  Then pens and score cards are passed out.  Each person votes on who they think will win.  The person with the most correct answers gets a little fake Oscar statuette at the end of the night.  (If you want to start early, you could rent some of the nominated movies to watch before the Oscar ceremony starts.)  Also, each guest is asked to bring a dish that relates to a movie or nominee.  (I suppose you could take it a step further and ask everyone to dress up as their favorite star or character.)  I got SO excited about this idea that I might have an Oscar party myself!  (Sunday, March 7th is Oscar night.) 

After searching the web, it looks like this is not an original idea.  There are sites all over that have tips on hosting Oscar parties.  Where have I been?!?  Have any of you out there had Oscar parties before and do you have any tips and/or cool ideas?  (BTW - Oriental Trading Company is a site where you can order party favors for this and other events.  I've ordered from them before and have had good experiences.)

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