Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reed Fury

Maybe my knives aren't the problem.  Maybe I just spontaneously forgot how to make reeds!  Can that happen?  Seriously, the reeds I make lately are all terrible and I end up playing on an old reed that's so worn out, I feel like it's going to dissolve in my mouth.

Recently, a very good friend of mine sent me a fibercane reed to try.  I've never tried one so I was curious.  She told me it was terrible, but I didn't really believe it could be all that bad.  Plus, I really wanted it to work because fibercane reeds never wear out and you can play them forever.  (An oboist's dream!)  But alas, it sounded more like a bagpipe than an oboe when I tried it.  I would never play this reed for anything, even to practice.  Although, I may play it if I ever need to strip wallpaper.  Actually, we need to repaint the outside of our house this summer and I might be able to to save us some money if I just stand outside and play this reed instead of renting a sand-blaster!

I'm so mad because I spent all afternoon trying to get a good reed for rehearsal tomorrow.  I ended up destroying 2 of them.  One was just really flat no matter how much I clipped it, and the other one sounded just like the fibercane reed!  I started two more, but they are not playable yet.  Maybe they'll turn into something tomorrow, but I'm SO done with scraping reeds today.

I was thinking that maybe the color of the reed thread is the problem.  I've mainly been using greens and blues lately.  So, I tied on two blanks using hot pink thread.  Valentine's Day is coming up so maybe these little sweeties will make me fall in love with reeds again.  Fingers crossed!  (...or reeds crossed!)


  1. I love the hot pink thread!!! It is so cool!!!!!

  2. Thanks! I needed to shake it up a bit.

  3. i like the hot pink, but i always got the best reeds from teal and blue, yellow, red, and green variagated - you know the one. of course, the best method so far is just to buy your reeds from someone else, and then you can blame the inadequacies of the reed on someone else rather than yourself.

  4. I agree! The varigated reeds are good. I always get the best reeds by certain color combinations though. (like red and blue) It won't work if you intentionally try and make the colors come out that way. It just has to happen and those make the best reeds! (Oh the crazy reed-superstitions we have!)