Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What was up with those Germans?

As a teacher, sometimes I chaperone field trips for my fellow teachers.  Yesterday, I went on the school art field trip.  The plan was to go to a place which had nature trails so that the kids could sketch things they saw.  My music students and the drama students were also allowed to go.  There ended up being 100 kids, 4 teachers, and about 12 parents. 

Luckily, the kids we took were very well behaved.  Seriously, I do not know how they could've been any better!  We allowed them to play outside for a bit after lunch.  There was a big open space, with several trails.  Also, there were loads of flowers and bamboo borders all around.  Some kids were playing football, others were skipping, still others were sitting and talking, while others were walking on the trails.  Some of them were fake sword-fighting with some fallen bamboo stalks, but we were watching them and it didn't get out of hand. 

In this particular nature center, other guests were there as well and they were allowed to drive through some of the trails in their cars.  A German couple drove past us, then pulled up to one of my fellow teachers and said, "These children are animals!  They belong in s zoo!  They are running around and breaking things!  You must do something."  We had been with the kids the whole time, and there was nothing terrible that they had done or were doing.  They were just acting like kids!  Has this couple ever been around kids before? 

As far as breaking things, I suppose he was talking about the bamboo.  First of all, they had only picked up the fallen bamboo.  Second, we had all been told by our guide that the bamboo grows 16 inches every 24 hours.  (Impressive!)  It only takes 60 days to grow to full size.  They have so much bamboo that they have to cut it down regularly so that it doesn't take over.  So, even if they had broken a live bamboo, it wouldn't have been the end of the world.  This couple drove by a few more times, giving us judgmental looks as they passed. 

I suppose German children would never do such things as fake sword-fight with bamboo, play football, or skip while singing.  Oh wait......I've been to Germany and they DO!  Why?  Because they're kids!!


  1. After I posted this, it occurred to me that maybe the couple hadn't seen 100 kids in the same place before. 100 kids make 100 times the noise of one and 50 times the noise of two kids. Perhaps they just weren't used to this?

  2. I have memories of field trips. Don't worry about other people. You stated that all was well and that's what counts. I am sure that the kids had a great time. Good for you to allow them to be "kids"