Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Sweet Valentine's Story

     I'm a bit of a Valentine scrooge, I have to admit.  When I was single, I thought it was mean to make single people feel worse about being single.  Now that I'm married, I think it's unnecessary because my husband makes me feel loved every day.  I don't need flowers and chocolates to feel special because he already makes me feel special.  However, I wanted to share with you a great, real-life love story that makes me very, very happy.

     A work colleague of mine and his wife will be celebrating their second, second anniversary this year.  Let me explain:  (I'll call them Frank and Alma.)

        Frank and Alma were married when they were in their early 20's.  They divorced 4 years later.  They both married other people.  Alma's second marriage ended very quickly (with no children) because it was pretty much a rebound relationship.  Frank's marriage lasted for 15 years or so, and he had 2 children.  Eventually, his marriage ended as well.  Thirty-five years after their divorce, they met again.  They started dating and found that they still loved each other.  A year later, they were married on the exact same day as their original wedding.  They are deliriously happy and are certain it will work this time because they both say that things that are issues when you're in your 20's are no longer issues when you're in your late 50's.  They had their second, first anniversary last year. 
     Alma says she couldn't be happier and feels that her life is complete.  She always wanted to be with Frank, and she wanted Frank's children.  Now she has both!  (She has a great relationship with Frank's children so she "has" them in that sense.)  Also, she gets to have grandchildren with Frank.  What a wonderful story!  I think it's so uplifting and inspiring.  I want this to give hope to all of you out there!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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