Sunday, February 21, 2010

Old (but fun) Stories: Crazy Daisy Got Busted!

The following is a story about my feisty Greek mother-in-law from when we visited her last summer:

     Daisy is full of contradictions. An example of this is her attitude about walking to the shops (3 blocks form her house).  She is afraid of leaving her house.  “What if I get really tired and have to sit down?”, “What if I get swine flu?”, “What if the cats get hungry and I’m not there to feed them?”, etc.  So yesterday evening, we convinced her to walk to the store with us, and stop for gelato.  After much ado, we walked the 3 about the same pace as you do when standing in line at the bank.  Seriously.  It took about 20 minutes to do a 2 minute walk.  Anyway, when she was crossing the road, we were urging her to hurry because cars were coming.  “No! I’ll not be rushed! They can very well slow down!” Also, she would walk in the middle of the road saying, “Let the cars go around me!”  So ---- all this fear about ridiculous things, and the one thing that really could kill her was of no concern to her.  Hmmmmm.
By the way----in case you were wondering, there is no medical reason as to why Daisy should walk so slowly.  My 90 year old grandmother walks a mile everyday, and could run rings around her!  Daisy did have an operation on her leg though.  A year ago.  (It was a simple, outpatient procedure.)  She has been capitalizing on that ever since.

     A few days later, my husband and I were returning from a short excursion.  We thought we might stop at the shops near Daisy’s house to get some lunch.  While we were looking for a parking place, who do you think we saw turbo-charging down the street?  That’s right---none other than Miss Daisy! She was briskly walking, head held high, skirt swaying back and forth, chin jutted out in determination, and eyes focused forward!  (It took us a while to even recognize her!)  She didn’t even see us as we pulled up.  She jumped as soon as she saw us and switched to her “slow, wobble-walk” as I like to call it.  She is SO busted!  Apparently, she walks to the shops down the street all the time.  This makes the above story extra funny.  She had led us to believe that the time above was her first time walking down the street since her operation a year ago.  We’re on to her now.  The good thing about this is that my husband doesn’t worry about her as much now.  There’s always a silver lining.


  1. That is one word to describe her, yes. ;-)

  2. That is so manipulative

  3. Just found this! Cool!! I can't believe her...that is so cheeky!